B.O.B Biography

Shakespeare once asked, “what is in a name?” B.o.B’s name has so many definitions, but his music can best be defined by one term…exceptional. B.o.B means different things for different situations. If you enjoy being on Cloud 9, B.o.B can stand for Bring One Blunt or Bring One Beer. About your money, then Business Over Bullsh!t is for you. Perhaps your skill is education, then B.o.B means Books Over Bullets, or if you enjoy B.o.B’s self-created production it means you have his Beats On Blast. The important thing to B.o.B is that when it comes to entertaining you, “I got everything you need when you need it. I know how to make you sing.” AND I DON'T HAVE A JOB B.o.B hails from the city of Atlanta, Georgia or more specifically Decatur where according to the crooner, Lloyd “it’s greater.” But, for B.o.B, it wasn’t all good as he knew early in life he was special and sought refuge from relentless schoolyard taunts in the only world he felt comfortable, hip-hop. “In 3rd grade I got a copy of DMX’s “It’s Dark & Hell Is Hot” and I began to break down his songs. I discovered how his bars worked and figured out how to put verses together.” From that point forward, B.o.B kept a notebook with him and became immersed in a brand new world with lands named Outkast, Goodie M.O.B., and any other place that allowed his unquenchable mind to wander. In fact, as Andre 3000 once spoke, “don’t pull them thangs out unless you plan to bang.” B.o.B took that message to heart and soon began to record in a group named the Klinic. Eventually, the beats weren’t coming fast enough for him to record on so his cousin taught him the music production program Fruity Loops and soon whenever the restless B.o.B was not asleep, he was perfecting his craft under the watchful eye of his co-manager B. Rich. Soon, B. Rich landed the then 14 year old B.o.B a huge break by having his beat bought by the Slip-N-Slide artist, Ciiti for a song called “I’m The Cookie Man.” B.o.B, much like many hungry hood kids spent the great majority of his money on trinkets such as diamonds, clothes, and hoes which landed him back at square one, broke and hungry. This experience taught B.o.B two important lessons, “save the money you make because it won’t be there forever” and “I would never have a regular job, music is my life.” I DON'T KNOW WHY I SAY THESE THINGS B.o.B has a unique talent in that he produces, writes, raps, arranges, and mixes his own music. He is a one stop music creation shop from top to bottom. This allows B.o.B the rare opportunity of recording with reckless abandon. It is a freedom that he willingly accepts. “I am constantly coming up with songs and concepts because I want to sound different. Nobody made it by sounding like everyone else.” This unique sound caught the attention of two industry heavyweights, Jim Jonsin and TJ Chapman, who are poised to make the rest of the world believers. Hit beat maker Jim Jonsin, who has already made his mark by producing fire such as “Give It To Me” by Sean Paul and Danity Kane’s “Showstopper” in addition to smashes by Trick Daddy, Trina, Pretty Ricky and others, has signed B.o.B to his Rebel Rock imprint as the flagship artist. Plus, the industry tastemaker, TJ Chapman the CEO of TJ’s DJ’s is serving as B.o.B’s co-manager after helping launch the careers of T-Pain, David Banner, Yung Joc, and Rick Ross to name a few. Why? TJ Chapman simply believes, “B.o.B is the next superstar.” Atlantic must have agreed as they have signed B.o.B to their roster and are eager to help B.o.B achieve his dreams. BUT IT'S THE REASON WHY I SING MY SONG For most artists, achieving platinum status by selling over 1 million units is a huge accomplishment. But, B.o.B understands when Andre 3000 states “wealth is the term, rich is around the corner from the curb.” So, B.o.B’s mission is to have a diamond selling debut album by moving 10 million units. But, with great sales comes great responsibility. “I accept my responsibility as an idol. I understand that kids look up to rappers and emulate everything that they do. That’s why I want to relay positive messages but in a way that makes it easy to digest.” Which is why B.o.B's myspace page found at http://www.myspace.com/bobatl is a popular locale. At the age of 17, B.o.B is already well on his way by co-producing and dropping a verse on the “Showstopper (Remix)” by P. Diddy’s Danity Kane featuring Pitbull. Plus, B.o.B has a vault of music with close to 100 songs to choose from for his upcoming Rebel Rock/Atlantic release. And the Southern music mouthpiece Ozone Magazine has already featured B.o.B it its prestigious Patiently Waiting to blow section. Not to mention, the radio legend, Greg Street has already begun playing B.o.B’s “Cloud 9” five times in one shift on Atlanta’s V103. B.o.B’s knows for his star to rise, he must tread “along a very cold road and wherever it ends or begins I do not know.” But, one thing is for certain, B.o.B is a one to one… there’s never Been One Before and there’ll never Be One Beyond. B.o.B All Music Guide Biography In spite of the plethora of rap artists constantly emerging from Atlanta in the late 2000s, B.o.B., who was only 17 when he signed his first major-label record deal, was still unique. His borderline eccentricity and artistic mind, belied by his music's conventional Dirty South appeal, raised his stock above the many copycat Southern up-and-comers and, of course, welcomed comparisons to OutKast and, specifically, their offbeat half, André 3000. Although he grew up on the east side of Atlanta in Decatur, Bobby Ray Simmons was born in North Carolina on November 15, 1988. Creating music became an early hobby for the young talent, who played trumpet and other instruments throughout grade school. By the time he was in high school, he already had management and had formed a production duo called the Klinic. At age 15, he even successfully sold a beat of his own to Slip-N-Slide recording artist Citty. When his partner left for college, however, B.o.B. decided to take the solo artist path and subsequently recorded the hazy, spoken word-like ode to marijuana, "Cloud 9." In 2006, B.o.B.'s manager helped sneak him into Club Crucial (owned by Atlanta rap star T.I.), since he was underage, and the teenaged MC wowed the audience with his self-produced ode. A part of that impressed crowd, producer and industry veteran TJ Chapman agreed to co-manage B.o.B., which only a month later led to B.o.B.'s signing with Atlantic and subsidiary imprint Rebel Rock, run by Florida producer Jim Jonsin (Lil Wayne, Trick Daddy, Jamie Foxx). His first single for Atlantic, Haterz Everywhere (2007), showed lots of promise, reaching the Top Five of Billboard's Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop singles chart. Before long, several outlets and publications, including XXL, Spin, as well as MTV, took notice of the Atlanta rapper, running "Artist to Watch" features and tagging him as the next Atlanta rap artist to blow up nationally. B.o.B.'s second single, "Grip Your Body," guested by British soul siren Amy Winehouse, also fared well and preceded his 2008 debut album. 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