Mystikal Biography

Throughout the 1990s, southern-based hip-hop gained commercial dominance by forging a fresh new sound from prominent synthesizers, complex rhythms, and drawling raps laced with regional slang. Mystikal was among a number of New Orleans–based rappers to win nationwide exposure during this time. Arguably one of the most talented artists to emerge from New Orleans gangsta rap impresario Master P's No Limit label, Mystikal spent the latter half of the decade developing a tongue-twisting, confrontational style of rapping that would propel him to great success early in the twenty-first century. Although he was immersed in the New Orleans hip-hop scene from his early teens, Mystikal's rap career began in earnest when he returned to his hometown after a tour in the Gulf War. In 1995 he released a self-titled debut through local independent label Big Boy. The album was successful enough to attract the attention of New York-based Jive Records, which added a few new tracks to Mystikal and re-released it as Mind of Mystikal in 1996. The backing tracks on Mind of Mystikal do little to deviate from the dominant sound of the time, the laid-back, melodic production style known as G-funk and pioneered by the L.A.-based rapper/producer Dr. Dre. Mystikal does, however, manage to distinguish himself from leading G-funk emcees such as Snoop Dogg and Warren G. In contrast to their lazy, sing-songy flow, he delivers his rhymes in rapid-fire bursts punctuated by James Brown–like shouts. The sound is aggressively new enough to lend weight to the obligatory boasts of superior microphone skills, such as this typically densely packed passage from "Here I Go": "I wreck beaucoup crews / with the words I use / I'm 'bout to be feelin' like ZZ hill cuz I'm screamin' and screamin' and singin' the blues." Mind of Mystikal became an underground rap hit, eventually going gold. This success was enough to attract the attention of Mystikal's New Orleans neighbor, Percy Miller. Better known as Master P, Miller had spent the early 1990s steadily releasing cheaply produced gangsta rap through his No Limit label. Although No Limit records received no play on MTV or radio, grassroots sales turned the label into a mini-empire. Fortuitously, Mystikal signed with No Limit just as it was breaking through to huge mainstream success, thanks to Master P's sixth solo album, Ghetto D, and the soundtrack to the No Limit-produced home video I'm Bout It. Mystikal contributed the track "What Cha Think" to the latter, and in November 1997 No Limit released Unpredictable. Unpredictable 's more polished production significantly improves upon its predecessor, showcasing Mystikal's menacing bark over stripped-down beats and jazz-tinged bass. Mystikal, for his part, distinguishes himself as a more talented writer and rapper than many of the often-generic emcees in the No Limit stable. On "Ain't No Limit," eerie strings and distorted chants serve as the backdrop to Mystikal's inventive, referential boasts: ". . . you talking weirder than Elvis Presley / I'm trying to blow out bigger than the jaws of Dizzy Gillespie." Unpredictable proved to be a commercial breakthrough for Mystikal, selling 1 million copies and creating major anticipation for his follow-up. Deviating little from the formula of the album before it, Ghetto Fabulous (1998) debuted nearly at the top of the album charts and also went platinum. Book Mystikal for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. Mystikal Booking, Book Mystikal. Book artists like Mystikal, Mystikal booking agent, contact Mystikal email, Mystikal manager, Mystikal management for concerts, bookings, biography, pictures, videos. Mystikal may be available for your club shows, private party, festivals or other events.