Skepta Biography

Joseph Junior Adenuga, better known as Skepta, is an English Grime MC from Tottenham, North London, England. Originally from and born to Nigerian parents he moved from Lagos to London aged three. His family history can be traced back further to Ethiopia, to the Falash Mura community. He is a producer and DJ commonly associated with the North London Grime scene, including Roll Deep and Boy Better Know. The name "Skepta" originated from the word Sceptre, a type of staff. He did not like the way it was spelt and felt that he wanted a unique stage name so 'that he could type "Skepta" in YouTube and only he would come up.' So, he changed it. Skepta started his music career after he won a MC battle with over 300 people contesting beating Tempa T in the final. He also formed a partnership with his brother JME and became renowned throughout Greater London for his hit single (he also produced), "Private Caller" which featured many of his Meridian Crew from Meridian Walk in Tottenham. Skepta (Managing Director) along with brother JME (CEO), began their grime label Boy Better Know in late 2005. The phrase "Boy Better Know" was originated by Big H the artist. This phrase was then taken by Skepta and JME. Early 2006 saw the release of 'Shut Yuh Mut' - Boy Better Know Edition 1 which features all 3 artists and throughout the years has contributed and aided many other artists such as Frisco and Wiley to put out mixtapes, along with JME (4 mixtapes) and Skepta's September 2007 release 'Greatest Hits', which was distributed nationwide. However now, Wiley left because he found mainstream chart success with Roll Deep, a crew that he co-founded and has enjoyed two number one hit singles with on the UK Top 40 Chart. He also had an ongoing 'beef' with Skepta, with both artists creating diss tracks, Wiley's 'Barnet' and Skepta's 'House in the Country' were both uploaded onto YouTube by both artists. However, this 'beef' was later proved to be false, as Skepta has stated in interviews, over Twitter, and whilst appearing on Ustream. Skepta has released three singles off his third studio album, Doin' It Again (first with a major label). Titled "Bad Boy", "Rescue Me" and "Cross My Heart" featuring Preeya Kalidas, as well as a video for the Hello Good Morning (Grime Remix). All singles charted in the Top 40 of the UK Singles Chart, with "Rescue Me" being the most successful at number 14. The chart position of "Cross My Heart" was fairly disappointing coming in at number 31 and dropping out of the Top 40 a week later, bearing in mind it had the most promotion out of any of the tracks. After the success of his first single "Bad Boy", Skepta's videos were removed from his own channel and promoted through All Around The World (a division of Universal Records). Book Skepta for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. Skepta Booking, Book Skepta. Book artists like Skepta, Skepta booking agent, contact Skepta email, Skepta manager, Skepta management for concerts, bookings, biography, pictures, videos. Skepta may be available for your club shows, private party, festivals or other events.