Lumidee Biography

Lumidee is not the average R&B singer. In fact, the 19 year-old artist hailing from Spanish Harlem was a self-proclaimed rapper before she even started to pen R&B ballads. Lumi, who began rhyming and singing at the age of 12, continued to hone her skills throughout high school and hooked up with neighborhood producer DJ TedSmooth after graduation. After years of perfecting her talents, Lumidee has created an album that fluidly blends both Hip-Hop and R&B, and testifies that she is finally on the golden path to fame. Her debut album, Almost Famous, on Straight Face/Universal Records, is proof that she will quickly make her mark on the industry. "People are starting to recognize my name but still haven't connected me with my first single, "Never Leave You (Uh-Oooh)," states Lumi. " So, I've made it, but I haven't made it all the way. That's the reason I named the album Almost Famous." Known as the "Uh-Ooh" song, "Never Leave You," the first single from Lumidee's album, is a certified dance hit. With a catchy call-out chorus over a hypnotic Caribbean-influenced beat (Dwali rhythm), the track is a seamless blend of R&B and reggae that showcases the young singer’s natural songwriting abilities. The single was originally released independently by the New York based company, Straight Face Records. The song received immediate radio and club attention throughout the New York, Atlanta, and Miami area, and is being called the Hottest Song in New York by top radio station Hot 97. Lumidee, along with her 2 brothers and 2 sisters, was raised in Spanish Harlem by her grandparents. With such musical influences as Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliot, MC Lyte and Lauryn Hill, this young singer is inspired by those that have made their imprint in the music business while still staying true to themselves. "Seeing different artists who were raised in the ghetto succeeding and doing it their way helped me get to where I am today," says Lumidee. "You have to follow your dream. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, you have to be happy." Almost Famous contains the original hit single "Never Leave You (Uh-Oooh)," and also features the remix with Busta Rhymes and Fabolous. The album ranges from up-tempo tracks to slower melodic ballads, a unique combination that Lumidee conquers effortlessly. On “Crashin’ The Party,” Lumidee links up with NORE and weaves her soft vocals with his unfaltering energy. With a bouncy chorus saying “I feel like crashing a party/VIP don’t try to stop me/you can like my style but don’t copy/ladies let me know if you got me,” the song is a girl's party anthem that encourages everyone to gravitate to the dance floor. Lumidee showcases her rhyming skills on the track “Go With Me.” The song begins with a smooth R&B groove that she quickly tackles with 16 bars of lyrical power, proving that she can hold her own weight as a MC. She continues by singing the floating hook and adds another verse that explores the nature of love and relationships. Almost Famous is an album of smooth ballads and up-beat party bangers. With top-list production, unparalleled enthusiasm, and cameos from some of today's hottest Hip-Hop artists, Lumidee does not have long until she proves she is worthy of being famous. Book Lumidee for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. Lumidee Booking, Book Lumidee. Book artists like Lumidee, Lumidee booking agent, contact Lumidee email, Lumidee manager, Lumidee management for concerts, bookings, biography, pictures, videos. Lumidee may be available for your club shows, private party, festivals or other events.