Whoo Kid Biography

On today's hip-hop music scene, the sun rises and sets in the streets. For any hip-hop artist to obtain, manage, and maintain their success they must stay connected to the streets. In the beginning DJ Whoo Kid got his start from producing "beef tapes" which gave the featured hip-hop artist a forum to vent their anger and issues about other artist and the music industry directly to their fans in the street. Needless to say, the streets was definitely feeling DJ Whoo Kid and could not get enough of the "beef tapes" he produced. But his sudden fame came with a price. Many members of the entertainment community who were on the receiving end of these "beef tapes", from artists to the record executives were not very pleased with being "put on blast" in the "streets". DJ Whoo Kids' big break arrived when he produced the mixtape "Goin' Platinum" with Busta Rhymes. The streets absolutely swallowed up "Goin' Platinum", and they where sold out everywhere. Futhermore "Goin' Platinum" became one of the most bootlegged mixtapes on the street at that time, and propelled DJ Whoo Kid to secure a #2 slot in overall mixtapes sales compared to DJ Clue who held the top spot at that time. The tremendous street buzz also helped DJ Whoo Kid to secure a relationship with Violator Management/Records who in turn added him to there DJ roster and began booking his shows, tours, and building his celebrity clientele. After witnessing the success of Goin' Platinum, DJ Whoo Kid decided to concentrate on exclusively producing mixtapes hosted by celebrities. His next tape, DJ Whoo Kids' All-Star Birthday Bash was hosted by one of today's hottest music video and feature film director Hype Williams. This highly sought after mixtape featured "x-clusives" by such celebrities as Ja Rule, The Hot Boys, Drag-On, Raekwon, and 50 Cents, and also led to establishing a lasting relationship with Big Dog Films (Hype William's production company). At a studio session for the up and coming rapper 50 Cent in Queens,NY; DJ Whoo Kid met NYC Hot 97's radio personality Stretch Armstrong. Stretch and Whoo Kid put their heads together and decided that if they would align themselves with one another, they could form an unstoppable DJ team which would attract a multitude of hip-hop fans black and white. Hence the Murda Mixtape was formed. The third of the Murda Mixtape series was hosted by Ruff Ryder recording artists The Lox, which featured freestyles by The Lox, Canibus, Beanie Sigel, Major Figgaz, Nas, Black Rob, 50 Cent, Ali Vegas and the late Notorious B.I.G. The theme of this highly successful tape was derived from the hit movie The Matrix, and sold several thousand copies. Book Whoo Kid for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. Whoo Kid Booking, Book Whoo Kid. Book artists like Whoo Kid, Whoo Kid booking agent, contact Whoo Kid email, Whoo Kid manager, Whoo Kid management for concerts, bookings, biography, pictures, videos. Whoo Kid may be available for your club shows, private party, festivals or other events.