Spin One Biography

Spin was born in Ecuador and moved to the Upper West Side of Manhattan at two years old at the height of the "golden era" of hip-hop. His surroundings ultimately proved to be highly influential in Spin's childhood; whenever his babysitter ran late to pick him up from school, Spin was usually found in the schoolyard or park, admiring the breakdancers, which is where his moniker gets half its origin: his limited breakdancing skills left him performing the same tricks time and time again, hence the name, "Spin" (the "One" was added later as part of his graffiti moniker). As he got older, Spin's interest in the art of DJing grew, and he cites legendary DJs Jazzy Jeff, Kid Capri, Riz, and Scratch (of EPMD) amongst his influences. He recalls, "I remember frontin' like I was a b-boy to get into the club where [DJs like] Capri and S&S were spinning, but once I got in, I remained by the DJ booth faithfully". Spin's casual interest in DJing eventually matured into his craft as he purchased his first pair of Eli Belt Drive turntables, and began buying vinyls by the bunch. He eventually relocated to Jackson Heights, Queens (where he lives to this day), and it was there where his buzz began to spread, most notably for spinning at house parties and park events. Becoming increasingly famous in a neighborhood ridden with popular DJs, Spin won the favor of fellow Queens DJs, artists, and those involved in the local scene. He eventually linked up with DJ Camilo, rapper Juganot, DJ Yooter, and DJ Diz One, and the crew was collectively known as Strictly Live. "We call ourselves 'Strictly Live' because we're just that", Spin says. "When any of us is spinning or performing, it's 100% real, nothing held back. You never know what could happen." Amazingly, Spin held down a 9-to-5 throughout his first 12 years DJing and still managed to hold it down internationally, spinning in places like Austria, Germany, France and Australia. His tremendous work ethic and humble personality allowed numerous doors to open for him, including gigs at every relevant nightclub in the tri-state area, as well as various college radio stations. However, his most recent gig as a full-time DJ on NYC's La Kalle 105.9 that has gained him the most notoriety. Offered the job out of the blue by a station executive during one of his club nights, Spin describes his hiring "something out of a movie." The same way he piqued the interest of the La Kalle, Spin's technical-yet-fluid DJing style attracts millions of listeners on a daily basis. With new opportunities being explored on a daily basis, Spin has set his sights on continuing to dominate the nightlife scene as well as using his talents to attract many more corporate clients. Along with a unique style and striking ambition, DJ Spin One's versatile r�sum� illustrates over a decade's worth of experience, proving daily that you can't categorize him�unless it's in the upper echelon of DJs nationwide. Book Spin One for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. Spin One Booking, Book Spin One. Book artists like Spin One, Spin One booking agent, contact Spin One email, Spin One manager, Spin One management for concerts, bookings, biography, pictures, videos. Spin One may be available for your club shows, private party, festivals or other events.