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DJ Prostyle was spinning records in "hip-hop" clubs before there even were hip-hop clubs, places like Lebanese Club and the Rotary Club. He slowly worked his way to the top, first practicing in his room, then DJing at house parties and small clubs. Prostyle’s been doing this for more than a decade, and is now one of Florida’s most sought after DJ’s. The Prostyle you know is more than likely a fabricated idea of a seemingly arrogant individual. But please don’t mistake confidence for arrogance. When Pro puts a needle to vinyl, it’s like long-lost lovers meeting for the first time in years. Prostyle’s ten fingers and song selection have the potential to make hundreds, even thousands of people, bug out on any given night. This type of talent was seen early in his career, when he was given a chance to grace national airwaves and killed it. Since then, Prostyle has been a regular on Orlando’s only urban station, and his skills have been recognized by some of the biggest celebrities in the world, all the way from basketball future Hall of Famers to hip-hop music masters. "Real people reciprocate the love. Anybody can come up to me and talk to me and I’ll talk to them just like I’m talking to you," says Prostyle. Yet some people still think that there is a slight cockiness about Orlando’s Heavy Hitter. Prostyle denies being cocky and sticks to the plea that he is as regular as the next person, although he easily could be. He’s very focused when it comes to getting what he wants, and that’s why he’s arguably the number one hip-hop club DJ in Orlando. I know everybody has their favorites and would argue that point, but why would you? Is it because of hard facts or is it because you have personal feelings pent up brewing for this man, feelings of anger and animosity? The tale of the tape says it all. Prostyle’s accomplishments include having the hottest club night in Orlando. Is it because the records he spins perfectly move the crowd like a puppeteer pulling the strings, or is it because Shaquille O’Neal is standing in the back bobbin’ his head? That’s up to you to decide. Let’s not forget that Prostyle has become a regular on BET, giving Orlando a voice on 106th and Park, Rap City, and Spring Bling. Hating will get you nowhere. Prostyle should be livid at the rumors spread to defile his character after everything he’s done to help Orlando’s hip-hop life. But Prostyle is more like a duck in a pond. The hate that comes his way is unseen by him, and whatever he hears slides right off his back. Pro just don’t give a fuck. "There’s a ton of fake people who show love in front of you but then talk shit behind your back. I talk shit on the mic ‘cause I can. People have been trying to shoot me down since I came out. Trust me, it ain’t gonna happen," Pro says confidently. He’s also the first one to tell you that for all of the national exposure that he’s helped give Orlando, no one in Orlando owes him shit. He doesn’t want it. Don’t get Prostyle’s motivation misconstrued, though. He isn’t in this industry for the wellbeing of Orlando, he’s in it to "Get Rich or Die Tryin’." Orlando coming along for the ride is just an added bonus. Prostyle’s affiliation with other DJs is stressed too, but not to the point of sheer animosity. It’s just that some DJs believe in shitting on another to be propelled to the top. Prostyle’s belief is actually quite the opposite, in fact, you can probably call him superstitious. "I’m into karma. I believe if you treat people bad it’s gonna come back and hit you in the end," he says. Here’s something the haters should also know: you’re not bothering him. Most of his answers to my "So how do you feel about (fill in the blank)?" questions were, "You know, I just don’t give a fuck." Are you getting the message yet? Internet message boards have been a breeding ground for the cockroaches feeding on a battered Prostyle carcass. "Those internet thugs are cowards, they have their own reality. These email thugs hate from the comfort of their own home. I don’t pay any attention to them," he shrugs. It’s sad that Orlando’s only communication forums on line are polluted with haters whose gossip posts make up about 90% of the content. You’d think that people would be happy for one of Orlando’s finest to get some shine, and show the potential the city has, but no. Puffy once asked the question, "Now ask yourself what they got against me? / Is it my girl or is it the Bentley / Is it my house or maybe it’s all three." Nas put it like this, "If you wanna hate me then hate me / What should I do, stop getting money? / It’s funny, I’d be just like you." And most recently, even 50 Cent addressed the topic: "I’ma tell you what Banks told me, ‘Go ahead, switch the style up’ / And if they hate then let em hate and watch the money pile up." Prostyle recently did an hour-long set on New York’s Hot 97 along with a couple club nights, and after coming back home, he says, "In my opinion Orlando has some of the best club nights in the country, no lie!" Orlando’s club scene has grown, and now we have a buffet of club nights from Tuesday til Sunday. Prostyle played a key role in developing the scene, by bringing fresh music to the clubs and raising the DJ standards in Orlando. The fact that he’s now playing at clubs and radio stations all over the country is proof that the crown tilted to the side fits perfectly atop Pro’s head. If you go to Tabu Nightclub on any Wednesday night, you can spot Prostyle in all his glory. So why not use the opportunity to get this burning hatred off your chest? It’s because most haters are wankstas and probably feel intimidated by him. "I’m a flashy person," he admits, "I like jewelry, I like nice cars, I like women. And when I go to the club I make sure you know I’m there, I make sure you know I’m spinning. I drink champaigne. Why are you gonna hate me for being me?" There’s a reason why Pro’s a Heavy Hitter: because he takes on all challenges. He knows who he is, and he won’t be anybody else for you. DJ Prostyle has already reached a level that not many DJs reach. Apart from being recognized in his hometown, he’s now being recognized by the biggest names in hip-hop. Don’t forget that Pro had to jump hurdles too. Not only is it hard enough to be recognized as a DJ with enough skill to be featured on TV consistently, it’s harder that he’s from Orlando, the city of Disney and Universal Studios. The music industry looks at Orlando as a joke. Prostyle’s moves are historical, in that he’s the first DJ reppin’ Orlando on a national scale, on number-one-rated TV shows and radio stations. There are no instructions on how to do what he’s done. There hasn’t been anyone in Orlando that’s preceded him in his venture. And, as Prostyle himself pointed out, he doesn’t even need a manager. There’s no one else getting him to the places he needs to be except himself. As for the future, Prostyle’s focus is on bigger things. Right now he’s talking with various A&R reps and major artists about possible DJ albums, and discussions between Pro and MTV executives about future plans have been intense. In the long run, it seems that he’s going to outgrow Orlando’s habitat. "I really want to start doing movies," he says, "It took me forever to get here, so if I could get to this point, then I think I can do anything." Book Prostyle for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. 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