Mr. Mauricio Biography

Mr. Mauricio (AKA Mauricio Bustos) has always known he wanted to be a DJ ever since he was a little boy. At the age of 9 the Miami native attended a friend's birthday party with a mobile DJ. Mauricio was amazed by the ability of the disc jockey to influenced and control the party through music. That same day, he ran home and told his mother he wanted to be a dj. Soon afterward his parents bought him his first turntables and he began working the turntables at the early age of 11 years old. Some of his earlier influences include the Beastie Boys and RUN-DMC, he loved hip-hop, but he also enjoyed mixing up his musical selections with rock groups Gun and Roses and Def Leppard. At 16 Mauricio started to spin at house parties and a popular, teen skating ring. However, he realized that he wanted to do so much more. In the early nineties, South Beach began to blossom as a playground for the rich, filled with beautiful people and celebrities. During the South Beach nightlife explosion Mr. Mauricio realized he needed to be part of it as one of the city's hottest DJs. He began working at the popular All-Star Café as a waiter, where he met a lot of local promoters and other DJ's. In order to get his foot in the door, he began to work miscellaneous jobs. He also began to work at world-famous Liquid Nightclub as the doorman. Mr.Mauricio formed a friendship with the resident DJ, DJ Radamas, who became Mauricio's mentor. Under his mentorship Mr.Mauricio would show up 2 hours before the club opened and he constantly practiced to sharpen his skills. Mr.Mauricio's big break came when DJ Radamas went on vacation. He amazed the owner and the promoter by his ability to keep the crowd dancing until the end of the night. Not long afterwards he began opening for other DJ's and eventually he was offered his first residency at Liquid on Fridays, then he picked up Shag at Amnesia and Bar Room. After a couple of years on the club circuit, he was offered a guest spot on the airwaves at Y-100 (WMIB) on the "Michael Yo Show" every Friday. He eventually moved his talents to urban radio, 103.5 The Beat to help break the newly established station. Mr. Mauricio started his weekly mix show "The Beatdown" from 5-6:00 PM and his show has become the number one rated mixshow in its' time slot. Mr.Mauricio is now one of the hottest DJs in southern Florida and he's rapidly expanding his DJ empire to include popular hot spots in New York City and special events in Los Angeles. Commonly known as the "DJ to the Stars," Mr. Mauricio also spins at parties for celebrities Christina Aguliera, Beyonce, Pharelle and Mariah Carey. From an invitation by DJ Enuff he also joined the collective of prominent DJ's known as the Heavy Hitters. One of the reasons that Mr. Mauricio's popularity continues to grow is due to his uncanny ability to keep the dance floor popping with his eclectic mixes of hip-hop, r&b, rock, pop, house, 80's and funk. Mr. Mauricio is destined to be a legendary DJ with worldwide fans. Book Mr. Mauricio for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. Mr. Mauricio Booking, Book Mr. Mauricio. Book artists like Mr. Mauricio, Mr. Mauricio booking agent, contact Mr. Mauricio email, Mr. Mauricio manager, Mr. Mauricio management for concerts, bookings, biography, pictures, videos. Mr. Mauricio may be available for your club shows, private party, festivals or other events.