Kast one Biography

He is currently one of the best and most seeked club deejays in New York City, sometimes spinning up to 7 nights a week; he holds down slots on various radio stations; and he has numerous television appearances under his belt. He is DJ Kast One and he is well on his way to the top. He has made this trip in such a respectable manner that he has been dubbed "The Future". Born and raised in The Bronx, Kast One was exposed to the deejay culture early in life. He lived in the building that overlooked the famed Cedar Park, where DJ's would set up shop every weekend and tear it down. �Once I witnessed the control the DJ's had over the crowd and the way they made everybody enjoy themselves, I knew it was something that I wanted to do.� Incredibly, that�s exactly what he did. Back in 1993, with one turntable, a tape deck and an old school Pyramid mixer, DJ Kast One decided to make remixes of those popular records he would hear on the radio as well as other deejays' mix tapes by blending the a cappella version off of the tape deck with an instrumental version playing on the turntable. This is where the foundation, the originality and the spontaneity that Kast One brings to the turntables every time he gets on the set come from. Upon grasping the art of deejaying, Kast One, like most local DJ's, started spinning at house parties and creating mix tapes for friends and relatives. However, once the college days began for Kast One, he became determined to reach a broader audience. He took advantage of the first opportunity that arose by becoming the deejay for a weekly show on the college campus radio station. Still, the drive did not end there. The momentum he gained on college radio helped him secure performances at numerous college campuses including, but not limited to, S.U.N.Y Old Westbury, S.U.N.Y Binghamton, S.U.N.Y Albany, S.U.N.Y Stony Brook, S.U.N.Y Buffalo, Long Island University, Hofstra University, Pace University and many more. While doing a party at one of the universities, Kast One was introduced to someone that would ultimately become his mentor - DJ Enuff. DJ Enuff was not only impressed by the talent Kast One possessed; he wanted to make sure Kast One made the transition from the college scene straight into the club scene. Just months after meeting Kast One, DJ Enuff recruited him to be part of a new collection of deejays he had formed, called The Heavy Hitters. Eager for the opportunity to work alongside DJ Enuff, Kast One accepted Enuff's invitation into The Heavy Hitters. Today, the Heavy Hitters is one of the hottest deejay crews with some of the most talented deejay's from all across the United States. Soon after beginning his endeavors as a Heavy Hitter, Kast One knew it was time to step his game up and that is exactly what he did. He was no longer just making mix tapes for friends and family, he was now producing them for the general public. Today, the mix tapes have nearly become cult classics (i.e. The Reggae Bashment Series, Straight West Coasting, I Got Next, the On Fire Series). He also began working on an assortment of projects with various distinguished record labels (i.e. Def Jam, Interscope, Star Track, Sony, Atlantic, Universal Records) and he befriended the likes of some of hip-hops greatest and personally worked alongside these artists on exclusive projects (i.e. 50 Cent, Kanye West, Swiss Beats, Cassidy, Jae Millz, Busta Rhymes). But most importantly, he began developing a technique to make himself as well as his sound stand out from the rest - and he did just that. Kast One has made a permanent mark on the street and in the club scene. Having performed at a profuse amount of clubs, Kast One has made sure to leave everyone wanting more. He knows what it means to go to a club and want to dance. He has spun all over the state of New York, including, but certainly not limited to, Crobar, Glo, Copacabana, Deep, P.M, Exit, Ruby Falls, Eugenes, Quo and Club 2686. However, Kast One has spread his sound beyond New York. He has also been putting it down nationally (i.e. Miami, San Francisco, St, Louis, Los Angeles, Denver, Philadelphia, Puerto Rico) and internationally (i.e. Japan, Canada, St. Thomas, Jamaica, Tortola). Kast One has an incredible ear for music and is vastly educated in all areas of music. He has not limited himself to any one type of music, but instead, he has opened himself to all types. Working with everything from Hip Hop to R&B, Reggae to Rock, Classics, Reggaeton, etc. his versatile and creative deejay style allows him to adapt to any crowd. He is able to read a crowd to determine what their vibe is and what they want and he is able to skillfully mix all types of songs at any given moment. Give him any song, whether it be a cappella version or an instrumental version, Kast will find an original and innovative way to recreate the song. All of his skills and knowledge have made Kast One a featured DJ in New York. These days, Kast One has been keeping busy with spinning at the clubs, sometimes 2-3 clubs per night, and traveling. Nonetheless, he has still managed to maintain a healthy profile on the airwaves. He has made numerous television appearances on New York's BET. He has recently landed a spot as an on air mixer on New York City�s famed hip hop radio station HOT 97. This is especially impressive since the renowned radio station has not hired any new mixers within the past 5 years. He is also a co-host/deejay of a weekly show, The Gomez Brothers, on Sirius Satellite Radio channel Shade 45, which airs every Saturday afternoon at 5 p.m. But don't think Kast's drive stops here. He is continuing to spread his presence on all media circuits. Continue to listen for him on mainstream and satellite radio and look for him on television and prints. Kast One - The Future has a lot more coming�! Book Kast one for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. Kast one Booking, Book Kast one. Book artists like Kast one, Kast one booking agent, contact Kast one email, Kast one manager, Kast one management for concerts, bookings, biography, pictures, videos. Kast one may be available for your club shows, private party, festivals or other events.