Jaycee Biography

If your earliest memory is of being popped on the hand by your aunt at the age of 3 for messing with her records, or while in elementary school, your afternoons and weekends were spent at Detroit’s WGPR 107.5/TV 62 observing your uncle behind the mic and the camera, or if your high school allowance was spent on nothing but music- one might say that a career in entertainment and broadcasting chose you. Such was the case for Atlanta based DJ Jaycee. Having had such diverse musical influences as Peter Frampton, Kiss, The Isley Brothers, and Charlie Parker, it was inevitable that he would become a music aficionado. Jaycee also determined at a young age that he wanted to work in radio. However, the turning point in his career aspirations came in two parts: “The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel” and a junior high school dance during which he first witnessed a DJ mix and scratch a record. That inspiration, combined with the music theory he had studied playing the clarinet and drums in the school band, led DJ Jaycee to his current instrument of choice, two turntables and a mixer. Upon moving to Atlanta at the age of sixteen, Jaycee continued to be a bedroom DJ, practicing his craft and studying the moves of pioneers like DJ Nabbs. Slowly but surely, he began sharing his talent with others, until free house parties parlayed into his first paying gig, which was a 1993 end of the year celebration for the University of Georgia’s chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. After feeling confident that he had mastered crowd control, Jaycee took on phase two of his ascent in the game – the DJ Battle. His first victory also came in 1993, by way of Black Vinyl Crew’s “Come Catch Wreck” competition, held on the Clark Atlanta University campus. The Crew had hosted several such events throughout the year. Having always been a quiet observer, DJ Jaycee chose to only enter one of these battles. The rest he used for recon, laying low in the audience and studying his opponents. At the end of the year “battle for supremacy,” Jaycee conquered and assumed his position as Atlanta’s “Battle King.” “If you were a DJ practicing for any battle in Atlanta between ’93 and ’97,” he states, “you were practicing to come in second.” During those years, Jaycee cornered the mixtape market as well, releasing a new tape every month. All of this was accomplished while DJ Jaycee continued to make great strides in broadcasting. A gig on Georgia State’s radio station 88.5 led to a job with Atlanta’s WVEE – V103, and soon, the ability to play any club or major event in the city. It was while working at V103 in 1996 that the DJ was introduced to a young intern at a competing station, Hot 97.5, by the name of Chris Bridges. During this introduction, made by then Hot 97 station manager Chaka Zulu, Jaycee automatically grabbed Bridges’ attention; by not only remembering having heard him spin on 88.5 while Bridges was still in high school, but recalling exact mixes and scratches. The two remained friends, even as Bridges became a personality in his own right on Hot 97, under the name Chris Luva-Luva. Around that time, DJ Jaycee caught wind of the fact that Bridges, now known to the world as Ludacris, was pursuing a career as an artist. Of course, this was the case for so many in Atlanta who had approached Jaycee with concepts that never came to fruition. It was not until he noticed Ludacris invest his own money to release an independent record and heard the young artist featured on the video game Madden NFL ’99 that Jaycee realized that this was someone who shared his work ethic. Jaycee became Ludacris’ official DJ in the fall of 2000, performing with him for the first time at Howard University’s Homecoming in Washington D.C. “I think he exceeded everybody’s expectations,” Jaycee explains, “I mean, we knew he was good, but we had no idea. He’s clever at what he does.” The two continue to work together to this day. “He’s real down to earth and humble,” the DJ continues. “And if he was any other way, I don’t think I could work with him.” Recently, Jaycee joined the Aphilliates, the hottest DJ association in the south. Consisting of six talented DJ’s, the Aphilliates represent some of the hottest artists in entertainment. The roster includes T.I., Mase, Lil’ Scrappy, Monica, and of course Ludacris- just to name a few. Furthermore, the crew currently has a radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio, entitled “Streetz Iz Watchin’.” Jaycee’s extensive experience and passion for music makes him a leading DJ in the nation, and many would say that this was destined from day one. Book Jaycee for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. Jaycee Booking, Book Jaycee. Book artists like Jaycee, Jaycee booking agent, contact Jaycee email, Jaycee manager, Jaycee management for concerts, bookings, biography, pictures, videos. Jaycee may be available for your club shows, private party, festivals or other events.