Freestyle Steve Biography

Gaining notoriety on the Miami underground scene and getting recognition around the country, Steve Johnson, professionally known as DJ Freestyle Steve, has risen from the local clubs of South Florida to touring the US and the rest of the world with pop sensation Justin Timberlake and production genius/music mogul Timbaland and his Record Label Mosley Music Group. He is the official DJ for Timbaland as well as the exclusive DJ of choice for NBA and NFL Players as well as others in the music business. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Steve was blessed with the name "Freestyle" by his late best friend, Miami Legend, DJ Uncle AL after he took notice of the many talents Steve had. Dancing, rapping, producing and of course DJ�ing. Being the first DJ to play New York hip-hop music on the SugarHill DJ's underground operated Miami radio station in the early 1990's, Steve never usually had a specific style or genre of music that he would play� hence the name Freestyle Steve. Developing a niche for DJ'ing using CD turntables only, Steve has not only mastered the skill, but has successfully capitalized from it beginning at the start of his career as a DJ. Proving from day one that he has always been ahead of his time and with technology constantly changing the art form of DJ�ing, he always remains one step ahead of the game. An industry veteran, Freestyle Steve has hosted shows on the top three stations in Miami as well as co-produced a nationally syndicated radio show that hosted such acts as Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre, Trick Daddy, Trina, Three-Six-Mafia, Wyclef and more. DJ�ing, MC�ing, hosting, performing, producing, engineering or volunteering. There seems to be nothing that this one-man machine does not and cannot do once he puts his mind to it. Steve has continuously shown support for his community, which remains important to his success. He has donated his own personal earnings to local charities such as the Duane Starks Foundation, the Horace Mann Middle School Boy's Basketball Team, the Overtown Optimist Club & the Liberty City Optimist Club, which provides sporting equipment, travel and educational tools to local underprivileged children. Today one of Steve's missions in life is to carry on the legacy of the talented DJ Uncle Al, whom he worked with closely as a colleague before he sadly passed away a few years ago. Every time Steve steps on any stage or in any booth to perform, he is reminded of his best friend and his passion lives on through the music. Through all of his steady hard work and well traveled road to success, Steve has remained humble throughout his continuing journey, evolving as a DJ, but most importantly as a man. From sold out concerts with thousands of screaming fans to parties at the worlds biggest nightclubs and the industry�s most exclusive parties. Today, Freestyle Steve is NOT just a DJ� he�s an entertainer. There�s no question why he�s being called �The World�s Hottest DJ�. "SugarHill DJ's forever." Book Freestyle Steve for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. Freestyle Steve Booking, Book Freestyle Steve. Book artists like Freestyle Steve, Freestyle Steve booking agent, contact Freestyle Steve email, Freestyle Steve manager, Freestyle Steve management for concerts, bookings, biography, pictures, videos. Freestyle Steve may be available for your club shows, private party, festivals or other events.