Epps Biography

What emerged in 1996 from the bright lights, glitter and platinum shine of Deco Drive would be a flourishing phenomena in the Hip Hop industry named DJ Epps a.k.a Miami's #1, Miami's Crowd Motivator and Miami's Haitian Sensation... Known as a tourist Mecca, from the legendary night club strip of South Beach to glamorous Coconut Grove. Miami presents a unique haven of growing talents. The notion of commanding a large audience with the stroke of a finger started funneling through DJ Epps mind in highschool. Spinning for friends at house parties and warehouse functions during his teen years, gave him the confidence to pursue a career in the music industry. While diligently looking towards the stars, he landed himself a job at the longest running and most reputable Hip Hop establishment to hit South Florida called 'The Sugar Shack.' The Sugar Shack was located in the heart of South Beach where at that time in the early 90s, it had to overcome prejudice obstacles. For several years at the Sugar Shack, DJ Epps exploded into the market exposing his raw talents. This determined disciple of Hip Hop changed the face of South Beach forever. This lead to the forming of a foundation for DJ Epps name to be known in the local community.His style of blending and mixing Hip Hop landed him a job at the internationally known Phat Black Pussy cat located at Club Liquid in the heart of South Beach. To add onto DJ Epps quest for establishing himself in the music industry. DJ Epps and his manager Two10Jack formed a new entertainment company in 1996 called Nightbreederz Entertainment which focused on event promotions and artist management. The main goal of the company was to put together after dusk activities for the masses to enjoy. As the company's name implies, we breed or procreate people to socialize at night. The company also branched out to provide a wide variety of services such as event promotions, development, consultation, advertising and distribution of music materials produced by DJ Epps. On the artist management side of the operation, Two10Jack recruited two popular local rap talents by the name of Big Stats and Jiggs. With all the unique talents under Nightbreederz Entertainment's roof, coupled with our dedicated NBZ staff, there is no obstacle we cannot overcome. Like a musical orchestra traveling around the world to touch everyone with their unique sound, DJ epps fashioned his mission in the same way spreading his wings abroad. DJ Epps has traveled with Trinity Travel on several annual pleasure excursions which has taken him to perform in Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel, and Cancun, Mexico. He has also traveled to the Caribbean Islands to perform in Montego Bay, Jamaica and Port au Prince, Haiti. During his stay in Jamaica, he hosted the 4th Annual 'How Can I Be Down' Music Conference, opening for Hip Hop pioneers like Run DMC and Jam Master Jay. DJ Epps unsurpassed talent also landed him a job as the official City of Dreams Music Conference Disk Jockey, which has traveled to cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC. To add onto DJ Epps many out of town shows, he has performed in Columbus, Ohio at the Red Zone and Phoenix, Arizona at the Buzz. The Corporate Office's of Nike booked DJ Epps to do a presentation, to showcase t heir new line of Nike products to regional directors across the country in Orlando, Florida. DJ Epps was an intricate component of their presentation to show the audience the different elements of the Hip Hop culture. DJ Epps has been featured in several HIP HOP Music publications like the Source (voted #1 DJ in Miami 1998), Blaze, Stress magazine and local publications like Now Entertainment magazine, the Cipher and the New Times Newspaper. Throughout the years, DJ epps has hosted many different radio shows on pirate and main stream radio stations such as WEDR 99JAMZ, MIXX 96.1fm, Super Radio 104.7 and MTA 88.9 . DJ Epps' ambition, dedication and faith in his skills to stimulate, motivate, and inspire the masses will carry him to the distance to EXCEL... Dj epps received his position as a g unit represenative dj cause of the line of communication and support he had for them. The more respect the unit gave epps.....which also led dj whoo kid to give a position on his shadyville dj's roster. So be on the look out for his future artist NORTH & AGONY Further more there will be a G-Unit DJ squad named G-Unit Wolfs. DJ Whoo Kid, 50s official DJ, will be the Head of it. The first member of this new founded squad is DJ Epps. He's now an official G-Unit DJ. Book Epps for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. Epps Booking, Book Epps. Book artists like Epps, Epps booking agent, contact Epps email, Epps manager, Epps management for concerts, bookings, biography, pictures, videos. Epps may be available for your club shows, private party, festivals or other events.