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Being raised in the inner city, DJ Doo Wop avoided the pitfalls many young men succumb to by channeling his energies elsewhere, music. And when it comes to music, Doo Wop is a legend. Learning his craft from MC Broadway of the Furious Five, Doo Wop has since been a staple in the NYC music scene. Whether it was being the first DJ to have a mixtape battle (with Kid Capri), or being the first DJ to have famous artists on his mixtapes, Doo Wop is an originator. In 1995, he released the 95 Live mixtape, which featured Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip and more. In addition to being a famous DJ, Doo Wop was signed to a major label as a rap artist. He was also the first DJ to rhyme on his own mixtapes. sat down with DJ Doo Wop to discuss why everything he has done has been a first for the game, his other talent, rapping, and why there�s only one word to describe him, legend. Sup man, how you doing? Everything's good fam. So you grew up in the BX right? Actually I was born in Los Angeles and at the age of 2 my parents moved the family to NY. We lived in Brooklyn, then Manhattan and then finally came to the Bronx. So yeah I was raised in the BX because I was there at a very ear ly age. The birthplace of hip-hop, when did you start spinning? Well just like most kids in the hood I was attracted to Hip Hop since its inception. Anyway before I even got my hands on DJ equipment I was taught the basics by a cousin of Grandmaster Flash. If you remember back when The Furious Five broke up and Melle Mel left, he was one of the new MC's, his name was Mr. Broadway. Anyway he hung out around my way and we became cool. That cat taught me how to scratch on my mom's record player and also he showed me how to make pause tapes. What got you into it? Just the whole culture of it. It was so perfect for the average kid back then. It was entertaining but it also kept cats busy and that�s a good thing. Practicing how to scratch or rhyme kept alotta niggaz outta trouble. Also it was something we could identify with on a personal level. Who were some of your musical influences? Man, there's too many but I�ll name a few off top. Eric B and Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, KrsOne, Gangstarr, Grand Puba, Redman, Kid Capri. What were your thoughts when the Feds busted DJ Drama? Obviously it was unfortunate but you always gotta take something good from a fucked up situation & build on it. Now this doesn�t apply to Drama cause my man didn�t brag about the paper he was getting but for cats like [DJ] Whoo Kid who get on Rap City & yap about how many mixtapes they're selling, maybe now they realize that what they're really doing is dry snitching. Everybody listens man but it only takes that one person whose intention is to find a hole in your operation and it�s a wrap! That�s why I don�t really fuck with the tape game like I used to, it aint worth it. Now my man gotta spend mad paper on lawyers and shit just cause some stupid ass clowns run they mouth a lil too much. Tell us about one of your major releases, 95 Live? I started making mixtapes in 1989 but in 1991 is when my name became pretty well known in the game and that was because the already famous DJ Kid Capri & me had the first ever "mixtape beef". Fast forward to 1993. I�m dropping tapes on a regular basis & now my fan base is growing. Today's game lacks what it had back then. Every popular mixtape DJ had their own niche. If you wanted exclusives you cop a DJ S&S/Craig G joint. If you wanted blends then you cop a Ron G. As far as my tapes, they were like no other because I was the only DJ that rhymed on his joints & on top of that I created a crew called The Bounce Squad. People use to look forward to hearing what kind of intro we were going to come up with next. We actually got a major record deal with Virgin Records just off our intros. We never shopped a demo. Anyway, in 1994 the label wanted us to move to Los Angeles for a year to record our album. I said 'HELL NO', because at that time, the only reason we were winning is because we stayed dropping tapes on a monthly basis in NY. I felt that we could lose touch with the thing that made us and if that happened, the album would be worthless. So I requested a release cause I felt they didn�t get it. The reason I'm explaining this is because me asking for a release caused turmoil within the squad & shit got all fucked up. January 1995 was the turning point for me in this game. Me and my squad had the streets locked from 93-94. Our fan base couldn�t wait for our new tape every month. But all of a sudden, there was no more squad but nobody even had a clue about what happened. They just wanted to know when was the next tape coming out. So now I�m like �how the fuck I�m going to drop a joint without my niche. I know they got love for me but if the Wu Tang broke up, do you really want an album with just RZA on it? Okay then, so now I gotta come up with a plan. I�m sitting at home one day and I get a call from Fatman Scoop. At that time he was the head of marketing and promotions for Tommy Boy Records & he was just making his phone call rounds. Calling all the DJ�s to make sure we were receiving the label's product, etc etc. Anyway, just as we're about to hang up he says "Yo Wop, Busta said to tell you what�s up". I was like "who???". Long story short Busta got on the phone and told me he was a big fan of mine and that if I ever needed anything just holla. See I knew I was big on a mixtape level but I had no idea till that phone call that I reached even cats of that stature. So a few days passed and I came up with an idea that would be so innovative that whoever was used to hearing The Bounce Squad on my tapes wouldn�t really miss them, at least this time around. Before this, no one ever and I mean NO ONE featured well-known rappers on his or her tape. So I reached out to Busta. He plugged me in to Q-Tip. Etc etc etc. I created a 21 minute intro that included Keith Murray, MOP, Guru, Fat Joe, Raekwon, Uneek (Bounce Squad), Q-Tip and of course Busta Rhymes. That one tape carried over for at least 6 months & then I made 95 Live part 2 with Krs-One, AZ, Mobb Deep, Channel Live, Redman and Keith Murray ummm...I forgot who else but it was just as big as the first one. Even though it was just a mixtape, The Village Voice named it the best album of the 1995 next to Raekwon's Cuban Links. It took me to another level. I have done shows in over 30 countries and I swear there's always a person that brings a copy of that tape to my show so I could sign it or whatever. People always ask me if I still have it so I digitally transferred both parts to cd and they're available on my Myspace page. Do you feel like the newer DJ's are lacking skills? Nah not at all. I mean in any field there's going to be a few people that even though they so called "lack skills" in their field, they still find a way to get in position. Whether it�s by knowing someone or just having the gift of gab. I think what you�re trying to get at is, are these DJ's really even DJ's. With all the new technology and internet access, nowadays you don�t really have to even take yo ass down to a record shop and actually spend money for some records. You aint even gotta have turntables. You could download programs that allow you to DJ right on your laptop. You must tour a lot. What are some of your favorite places? Listen man, the other day my father asked me to show him on a map all the places I been. When I was done, even I didn�t know that I been to over 30 countries. Not to mention multiple cities in these countries. Some of my favorite places here and overseas gotta be Zurich Switzerland, Tokyo Japan, Paris France and I really enjoy the west coast. What clubs in NYC do you like spinning at? I haven't really been spinning in NY lately mainly cause I tour alot and also because in NYC, if you�re on the radio, youre gonna probably run the clubs. It�s just like that and I dig Book Doo Woop for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. Doo Woop Booking, Book Doo Woop. Book artists like Doo Woop, Doo Woop booking agent, contact Doo Woop email, Doo Woop manager, Doo Woop management for concerts, bookings, biography, pictures, videos. Doo Woop may be available for your club shows, private party, festivals or other events.