Danny S Biography

Known too many as Mr. Seduction, D.J. Danny S., has been making his move in the DJ game for 8 years now. It all started in 1997 when he acquired one of his fathers old Technic belt drive turntable and began his dream of becoming a DJ. The love for the music was already there from childhood as he watched his father DJ parties at a young age. Danny S acquired his skills by attending local parties on weekends, and looking at how DJs did their thing. He also began to listen to the many radio DJs that influenced him at that time and practiced mimicking their skills on a daily basis after taping their shows; among them were Funkmaster Flex, Cocoa Channel, and Evil Dee just to name a few. He also collected numerous mix-tapes and began to compare the skills of other DJs, in order to understand who was considered hot, and who was not. Many have asked, why the name Danny S.? He states that the answer is simple. His DJ name stems from his government name, which is his DJ name abbreviated. He also goes on to say that when he started spinning, there were a number of highly known DJs with similar names that, among them were Ron G., Craig G.; all with their first name and last name initials as their DJ titles; thus thats where Danny S got the idea for his name. He also goes on to say that every other name he wanted to go by was either taken or didnt sound right, so he ran with what he had. At the current age of 26, Danny S has redefined the now ever popular mix-tape/CD era, with a strong team and family known as, T.N.G. - The Nations Greatest aka "The Next Generation" (the name says it all), which include friends before they became partners; who are Danny S., Alemo, Gera, Lus, & Hektik and has brought the current age of urban music to another level from New York City, Boston, to nation wide and beyond. Danny S is mostly known for providing a vast array of scratches, blends, freestyles, and intros to his mix-tapes that many others have failed to duplicate. Along with providing extraordinary skills on his mix-tapes, Danny S has also provided exposure to a number of up and coming MCs, all which are featured on some of his past hip-hop and R and B volumes. Some of the MCs heard on a Danny S mix-tape have gone on to receive major record label deals at some point, or are currently being pursued for possible deals at a record company. Although Danny S hasnt reached his prime yet, he has worked with a lot of artists and collaborated with other highly recognized DJs in New York City, as well as, out of state; among them are DJs Funkmaster Flex, Enuff, Tony Touch and so forth. His projects always make a good and lasting impression to many; most of his mix-tapes become instant classics, and are popular among the current generation of young listeners and older. According to many You can either play them at your party or car consistently with out skipping tracks because the mixes flow through, and at times you dont notice when the tracks are switched, because his style is so flawless. His mix-tapes are so highly recognized and respected that they are usually bootlegged for sale in the streets and copied for friends. The mix-tape scene has led him to get gigs in and out of town and who knows what more to come. All of this publicity in the streets is just a small indication of how fast his status as a DJ is growing. As far as clubs and venues are concerned, Danny S has taken the art of club djaying to a whole new level. He is highly recognized by many club promoters, student groups on college campuses, fraternities and sororities. His ability to read a crowd and provide the right type of song, at the right time, has made him a favorite in clubs and schools all over the northern east coast. Danny S has provided music in clubs like Copa Cobana, Exit, LQs, Jay Zs club 40/40, Club Deep and many more. He has also been spotted in a number of colleges and Universities, including SUNY Albany, SUNY New Paltz, SUNY Stony Brook, Sienna College, Penn State, U Mass, and other highly accredited institutions of higher learning; all which have drawn large crowds ranging from three hundred- to- thousands of people. His sounds has broadcasted live from La Kalle 105.9/ 92.7 to Sirius Satellite Radio worldwide. Danny Ss talent is exceptional and highly renowned. His passion for the art of djaying has drawn a lot of attention to his native area of Dyckman, located in the Inwood/Washington Heights area of New York City. This is something he as always wanted to do, bring recognition to his neighborhood and put his people on the map, especially his Dominican culture. In the future, he plans on working on an album that would include his own artists and a number of DJ pioneers; many which have been Danny Ss influences and motivation in the game of Djaying since he started. Currently you can catch Danny S spinning live @ clubs near you, 4 to 5 times a week on a regular basis. Stay Updated for his upcoming shows on this myspace music page. Be a witness to what he does on mixed cd's, Live! Despite being called an underrated DJ by some, Danny S has managed to show the world that underrated is just a temporary status symbol and he is more of a threat. His talent and his passion have and will continue to bring him forward in the DJ game. Furthermore, he will continue to give listening ears the music they want to hear, while letting the whole world know that he is indeed one of the nicest DJs in the game. He promises to provide many more years of great DJ skills on mix-tapes, in clubs, and possibly on radio stations in the present and near future. 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