Camilo Biography

DJ Camilos mixtape skills have landed him nominations for 'Most Creative DJ' at the Mixtapes Awards. He has won an award for 'Best Blends On A Mix tape', which he received in 1998. ...Amazingly so, this is what a regular month looks like for the Heavy Hitters' own DJ CAMILO. It is no wonder, why he has earned the name "The International Club King". So what is it that makes him such a hot commodity that promoters will fly him half way around the world for him to play records....or should we say perform. There are few DJ's that can produce the energy that DJ CAMILO does in the club. When he is at work you can feel the intensity and passion he has for the music. As he switches from record to record the crowd feeds off his energy. He amps the crowd by hollering into the mic, then throws on an even hotter record. And just when you think the party is at its climax you hear a robotic sample echoing "DeeeJayyyyy Camillllooooo", and then yet another record hotter then the last!!! CAMILO'S record selection, energy and attitude truly defines him as an artist. Hearing and watching him play is a performance in itself! So that is why promoters will do whatever necessary to have DJ CAMILO play their club. To no surprise, DJ CAMILO has played for events such as "The Lucky Strike Tour" in Europe (2001), Las Vegas' "Magic Show" (numerous times), the Splash Festival in Germany for an attendance of 30,000 people, appeared several times on BET's Rap City "The Basement" with Big Tigger and was nominated in 2003 for "Best Club DJ" at Justo's Mix Tape Awards. Before DJ CAMILO was selling out clubs in Europe or playing on the #1 radio station in New York, he was Juan Camilo Sanchez, a Colombian kid from Queens. At age 12, CAMILO was introduced to the turntables and soon after bought his first set of Techniques S-900's. In 1991 CAMILO debuted his first mixtape , simply entitle "CAMILO Vol. 1". What was soon to follow was no simple endeavor. CAMILO began putting out mixtapes every month and quickly made a name for himself. Soon after, CAMILO broke into the club scene and began playing at the . By 2001, Camilo had established himself as a dominant mixtape DJ and was playing in at least 4 clubs a week. He caught the eye of another DJ by the name of DJ Enuff, who was already well recognized for being the Notorious BIG's DJ as well as the Morning Show DJ on NYC's #1 station, HOT 97. DJ Enuff began having CAMILO fill in for him on HOT 97's morning show with Star and Buckwild. This was a milestone for DJ CAMILO, being able to spin on New York's #1 radio station and be heard by listeners throughout the entire tri-state area. DJ Enuff & DJ Threat (R.I.P.) also just started a DJ crew called "The Heavy Hitters" and their was no doubt they wanted CAMILO to be an intricate part of this hand picked crew. CAMILO'S notoriety soon earned him his own show on Hot 97 entitled "Take It To The Streets". This late night show introduced him to the masses and made CAMILO a household name on radio. The success of "Taking It To The Streets" lead HOT 97 to give CAMILO an additional weekly Friday night show entitled "The Heavy Hitter Hour". And if this wasn;t enough, CAMILO took his DJ skills to yet another level. Being of Colombian decent, CAMILO knew there was an enormous Latin/Hip-Hop audience that also listened to reggeton, a new form of Spanish music with a reggae beat. After meeting with programming, HOT 97 gave him his third show on the station and the first of its kind. The "Lights Out Show" which comes on Sunday nights at 1am is the first Spanish music show ever on Hot 97. And CAMILO became the first and only mixshow DJ to have three different shows on one station! So what does the future hold for the International Club King DJ Camilo ? He has already traveled the world playing in countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, London, Spain, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Amsterdam, Canada, etc. Camilo has set his sight for television and has already answered the call. In the beginning of 2004 CAMILO collaborated with "The Roof" television show on MUN2, to do the Top Five Countdown every week. CAMILO'S marketable image also landed him a deal with Indigo Red clothing for a national ad campaign. The advertisement was featured in magazines such as XXL, The Source and Vibe. It is quite evident that CAMILO aspires to do greatness in everything he takes on. The New York Post took note to this and interviewed him in the April 14, 2004 Tempo Section. CAMILO continues to play at 5 to 6 clubs a week, and whether it is a trendy club in New York City or a German festival of 30,000, there is no crowd he can't handle. Book Camilo for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. 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