DJ Affect Biography

While most kids were practicing their jump shots and perfecting their at bat swings, Ari Kalimi, A.K.A DJ Affect was sealing his fate as one of the most sought after DJ’s on Miami Beach. Realizing at the age of 12, after a sporting injury lead to the discovery of a bone cyst preventing any further participation in sports, Affect turned his attention to spinning records. Blessed with a musically diverse household; mom’s love of the disco/funk of the 70’s, Dad’s strictly Middle Eastern music, and older sister a metal head to her core, Affect developed an ear for music that would ultimately be responsible for his unique spinning style. His Muse? None other than Ernest R. Dickerson’s 1992 directorial debut movie, “JUICE.” A simple prophetic statement of “Mom, I’m going to be a DJ,” after falling in love with both hip hop and the spinning battles depicted in the movie, Affect began his journey to the top…starting at the VERY bottom. With an old turntable and a few records, Affect practiced scratching…hours upon hours of scratching in his room. Frequently DJ’ing house parties for friends at $10 a pop, he began stashing all his money, including his lunch money in his quest for DJ’ing equipment. His parents finally taking him seriously, pitched in and Affect now was able to dive full fledge into his dream.By the age of 15, Affect caught his first break standing outside Club Cream begging, as he often did, for a chance to get a set. Club owner, Rob Dinero, in a bind after a DJ failed to show, grabbed what would be hailed on the club circuit as the DJ prodigy, to spin for an hour…AND HE KILLED IT! Affect earned his first residency, working around his sophomore high school schedule of course, spinning on Friday nights at the height of one of South Beach’s premiere clubs.And as hot clubs came and went, Affect infected the crowd and became one of the most sought after talents on the beach. Making more money as a senior in high school than most of his teachers, and already finding a balance between his star swagger and juvenile success at the tender age of 18, Ari/Affect graduated high school and also graduated to the next level in his career…Radio. One week after his high school graduation Affect guest DJ’d on Uncle Luke’s 99 Jamz Friday night radio show. With offers from premiere stations in Miami, Affect ultimately felt radio didn’t offer the flexibility his DJ’ing style needed to thrive. Staying ahead of the cusp, Affect started his own radio-website, (recently sold to a local based Miami label for an amount he could not refuse), once again on the cutting edge and pioneering the recent movement by the music industry to the internet. Virally promoting his parties and developing an almost cult following, DJ Affect continued his bold presence on the club circuit.Known for mixing and mashing unsuspecting genres, Affect has been in high demand in the states, as well as internationally. Flooding clubs from New York to Las Vegas, from Costa Rica to Spain; Affect is introducing Hip Hop fans to trance, die hard Rock fans to Salsa, and exposing all music lovers to the true sensation of melody.Affect’s newest venture includes live music combined with his magical spinning talent. This isn’t just a set, it’s an experience. Loyal to his roots, Miami is getting the first taste of this phenomenon that is gaining rapid momentum. Also on the horizon, Affect’s keen ear for producing hot beats, exposing once again his diverse range and broad talent. He now lends his musical flair to up and coming artist as well as movie makers alike, adding the title of “Producer” to his already impressive list of accomplishments. Performances with greats such as the late Notorious B.I.G., Big Pun, Diddy, Mobb Deep, DJ Clue and Funkmaster Flex; and appearances on shows such as BET’s Rap City and The Basement, DJ Affect has only scratched the surface of what’s to come. His ability to capture a nostalgic trance with today’s beats and yesterday’s hits, tapping into disco’s energy coupled with R&B’s smooth vibe, commands the feet of music’s toughest critics. DJ Affect’s charisma, determination and drive are only second to his talent, and with an unusual chameleonic ability to match the crowd he spins for, this 20 something year old DJ prodigy will continue to nourish success! Book DJ Affect for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. DJ Affect Booking, Book DJ Affect. Book artists like DJ Affect, DJ Affect booking agent, contact DJ Affect email, DJ Affect manager, DJ Affect management for concerts, bookings, biography, pictures, videos. DJ Affect may be available for your club shows, private party, festivals or other events.