Kelli Sae Biography

There is a number of factors that make an artist appealing. The way they carry themselves. Their ability to draw in cross-cultural crowds. The respect they have for their craft. And of course, the vocal skills they possess. Yet, sometimes there are less overt ways an artist makes an impact. Sometimes a performer has worth simply because they resonate. Singer/songwriter/producer Kelli Sae has spanned the world with acclaimed bands such as Incognito, Count Basic and most recently Philippe Saisse Acoustic Trio, taking on the role of lead singer for all three. Kelli has been honored by the industry, and is admired by the critics. Yet the most meaningful indication of Kelli's worth is how her music makes you feel; how her song's cut deep into your heart and soul, and give you window not only into Kelli's world but a new perspective into your own. How they become not just songs but your songs. On her self-titled debut album, Kelli Sae, the vocal gymnast created emotionally honest music that was deeply personal and universal in scope. With a soaring combination of craft and compassion, Kelli's songs touched on heartache, marriage, romance, regret, redemption and a love that it tested but deeply felt. Which is to no surprise that the album sold over 6,000 copies - and is still selling - (released on her independent label OGW Entertainment) all based on her live performances and word of mouth. She does it once again, and better than ever with her second independent release, Heroine. The new masterpiece is filled with diversified tracks that take listeners from up tempo party bangers to intimate ballads that weaken the heart. Heroine is rich and full of great emotion. Just like the grasping track, "Yesterday," the songs on the album move slowly through each part of your body-from the heart to the bones and back. Throughout the album Kelli explores her Puerto-Rican and African-American heritage, so don't be surprised if she attracts a very heavy Latin market, which she is already starting to get. A couple of her songs are in Spanish further indication that she has the capability of becoming an international superstar. From the Gospel-induced "Can't Wait" to the Drum-n-Bass filled "Thank You" and soulful ballad "Heaven," Kelli fluently transitions into various eclectic styles with ease. "My job as an artist is to fill all of my creative gaps by expanding and making sure that I cover every ground that I want to cover," says Kelli. "I don't want to just stick with one genre or one way of doing music. I want to listen to my energy and go where it takes me." Kelli's resume boasts accomplishments that any artist, whether independent or signed with a major, can only wish for. She has worked with the best of the best. As the lead singer of the international successful band Incognito and the European band Count Basic, her multi-octave voice has reached millions around the world-from the USA to Africa. The company she has kept and worked with is admirable. Not only has she sang background vocals for such respected artists as Me'Shell Ndegeocello, PM Dawn, Neneh Cherry, DJ Logic, Corey Glover and Grammy Award-winning group Arrested Development, she has opened up for music legends as the late Curtis Mayfield, George Clinton and P-Funk- the P-Funk All stars, David Bowie, Bootsy Collins, and countless others. Furthermore, Kelli has worked with and toured with Grammy Award-winner Ryuichi Sakamoto (score composer for The Last Emperor). Kelli has already gained a mammoth following for an independent artist after releasing only one album. Being herself, listening to her own voice and then using that voice to express her love, pain, sunshine and rain to others is what makes Kelli so unique. "At the end of the day, I'm just trying to make everybody feel good. I want to be that pain reliever." Kelli Sae is a superwoman - A Heroine who is well on her way to major success. Book Kelli Sae for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. Kelli Sae Booking, Book Kelli Sae. Book artists like Kelli Sae, Kelli Sae booking agent, contact Kelli Sae email, Kelli Sae manager, Kelli Sae management for concerts, bookings, biography, pictures, videos. Kelli Sae may be available for your club shows, private party, festivals or other events.