Juvenile Biography

New Orleans has a reputation as a breeding ground for raw, unbridled rap music and the city's artistic offspring make for intriguing and awe-inspiring players in the rap game. But of all of New Orleans' native sons none is more formidable than Juvenile. From the early 90's as a member of 3Grand and the release of an underground solo project, to his signing with the infamous (then underground) label Cash Money Records as a member of The Hot Boys (along with group members B.G., Lil Wayne and Turk), Juvenile's role as a pioneering southern rapper cannot be underestimated. The fact that he has helped New Orleans claim major prominence in the annals of hip-hop history cannot be overlooked. Born Terius Gray, the rapper known as Juvenile first came to national prominence with The Hot Boys 1997 debut Get It How U Live, followed by 1999's platinum certified, Guerilla Warfare and 2003's Let 'Em Burn. But it has been his solo performances - most notably, his third CD, 1998's 4x platinum 400 Degreez, which spawned the hits, "Ha" and "Back That Thang Up" -- that catapulted Juve to mega-star status. The CD also garnered him many awards and accolades including a Soul Train Award (2000), Billboard Award (1999), Source Award (1999) and an American Music Award nomination (1999). Juvenile's no-holds-barred rap lyrics and rough-around-the-edges persona made him an icon to young hip-hop heads enamored with rappers who 'keep it real.' And, says the 28-year-old rapper, he's done it all without really trying. "I don't think about it," he says. "When I do an album I don't worry about what the people are gonna think. I just do an album. I don't have a format to the way I do songs, I just do 'em." That's the approach he's taken with his previous five CDs: Being Myself on Warlock Records (1995) to his Cash Money releases; gold certified, Solja Rags (1997), 4x platinum certified, 400 Degreez, platinum certified, G Code (1999), and the critically acclaimed gold certified, Project English (2001). And it's the same approach he took with his current release, Juve The Great. "This CD let's the people hear the different styles and tones and different ideas that run through Juve's head within a day's time." If "Ha" and "Back That Thang Up" set new standards for dirty south hip-hop, then the songs on Juve The Great will raise the bar even higher for those trying to appeal to hip- hop fans who like their music unsweetened and not watered down. Case in point, in the CD's lead single, "In My Life," Juve dishes out an unabashed tribute to his ballin' lifestyle. "I'm just talking on there," he laughs. "It's just got that Juve vibe." And that "Juve vibe" runs throughout Juve The Great, which, as expected, features production by Cash Money's resident hitmaker Mannie Fresh. From the old-school-flavored "Bounce Back" -- featuring 'millionaire' Baby -- to the dirty anthem, "Down South Posted" with Wacko & Skip, Juve The Great shows Juvenile at the top of his game. One of the CD's most personal entries is the track, "It Ain't Mines," and the set is rounded out by the intriguing, "Numb Numb" with its inviting talk-sing hook. While Juvenile doesn't set out to appeal to anyone in particular with his music, he does set goals for himself. "To reach everyone with my music," he exclaims. And given his vast fan base, his goals are realistic. "I travel so much and meet so many people. People walk up to me - different races, religions and different sizes saying they like my music and they're buying it." Juvenile was a mere "eight or nine" years old when he decided to be a rapper. "I made my decision early," he recalls. "I didn't wanna do nothing else but rap. I've been making music since I was 14 years old." And he never doubted he would succeed. "Everything that has happened for me I'm happy about and the Lord has blessed me in many ways, but, I can't stop now. I dream big." And once he has achieved his goal of touching everyone with his music, Juve says he'll be content to just be a regular guy. "I just wanna be the father that I didn't have. Once my kids graduate college, I'm good. I'm gon' lay back...." He'll let his legacy do the talking. "I just wanna be remembered as a young black entrepreneur that had faith in God. That's all I want to be remembered as." Juvenile, a legend in his own time. Book Juvenile for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. Juvenile Booking, Book Juvenile. Book artists like Juvenile, Juvenile booking agent, contact Juvenile email, Juvenile manager, Juvenile management for concerts, bookings, biography, pictures, videos. Juvenile may be available for your club shows, private party, festivals or other events.