Masta Ace Biography

Masta Ace (born Duval Clear) is an African-American rapper from Brooklyn, New York. Appearing on classic 1988 posse cut, "The Symphony", he garnered notoriety as an unsung asset to the Juice Crew posse, and is therefore, widely considered one on the roster, where he released a number of well-respected albums that were nonetheless little-heard outside purist circles. The single that has earned him the most attention has been "Jeep Ass Niguh" (alternatively known as "Born To Roll", essentially a remix which uses a tweaked Moog synthesizer bassline sampled from Kraftwerk.) His most recent (and reportedly final) album, A Long Hot Summer, gained considerable acclaim in 2004. He is one of a number of rappers to have mulled over the possibility of operating a record label, and his decision whether or not to quit rapping per se is pending. In the early stages of his career, Masta Ace was very energetic (cf. "Jeep Ass N***a", where, tongue-in-cheek, he taunts police officers for their knee-jerk predisposition to harass black youth on city streets.) He also recorded material with a six-member supporting entourage, Masta Ace Incorporated. In light of his newly claimed status as a veteran, he has gravitated toward an earnest, matter-of-fact plainspokenness in the new millennium. Many of the songs that have lent newfound heft to his reputation are simple, no-nonsense rumination on feelings and facts of urban American life, including "Soda and Soap", "Brooklyn Masala" (which highlights a budding romance between Ace and a lovely but reserved Pakistani Hindu immigrant), and "Beautiful". Book Masta Ace for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. Masta Ace Booking, Book Masta Ace. Book artists like Masta Ace, Masta Ace booking agent, contact Masta Ace email, Masta Ace manager, Masta Ace management for concerts, bookings, biography, pictures, videos. Masta Ace may be available for your club shows, private party, festivals or other events.