Dash Biography

With his own unique combination of pop, R&B and urban music, DASH brings fans into his world through the pictures of possibility he paints with his music. DASH’s rise to fame is a story of faith in dreams and perseverance. DASH was influenced by music from a very early age. Born in Maryland and raised in Texas, by the age of 3 he was already imitating Michael Jackson’s infamous Moonwalk! His musical journey continued when, at the age of 6, he found a rap cassette tape and couldn’t get enough of it. Soon after, when his father bought him a Soul-4-Real album and he heard the song “Candy Rain”, DASH knew for a fact that he wanted to pursue a career in music . At the tender age of 11, DASH formed a rap group made up of ten friends who freestyled to beats they made on tables during lunch. This was just the beginning of his determination and drive to become a musical star. As DASH found his “voice” the group shrunk to 3 artists who were ready to make the switch from rap to R&B. This three-man group, “SYG” (Suave Young Gentlemen), began performing at local talent shows and made a name for themselves in the community. SYG ultimately transformed into the quartet “Entyce,” who met and performed for singer Kevon Edmonds, R&B legend Babyface’s brother. At age 14, DASH and the rest of Entyce traveled to Atlanta to sign to a record label run by Marvin McIntyre (Keith Sweat, Boyz II Men). Two years later, right before the group’s single was released, DASH’s life literally took an unexpected turn. At age 16, during the first week of his senior year in high school, DASH was involved in a serious car accident that left his imprint in the dashboard of the truck and his body comatose in ICU. Up until this point, DASH had split his time between performing music and his other love, playing football for his high school team. After the accident, the performer and star athlete was unable to attend school, and had to learn to walk and talk all over again. Playing competitive football was now out of the question and music was all he had…his reason for living and his way to escape. After a lengthy but full recovery, DASH reunited with a fellow Entyce member and began recording and performing as a duo. They performed with the likes of Young Joc, Lupe Fiasco, and even opened up for one of their favorite artists, Avant. After a decision to part ways, DASH packed up and set out for the bright lights of New York City to continue pursuing his dream of becoming a solo sensation. After moving to NYC, DASH began writing and recording as a solo artist. He began to pull from his diverse musical influences, artists ranging from Tupac, Ready for the World, Michael Jackson and Sam Cooke to Frank Sinatra and Coldplay. Not to be limited, DASH’s music has the power to transcend genres, age groups, and gender. While his musical life began to get easier, DASH’s personal life got harder. While attending college at New York Univerity (NYU), DASH soon didn’t have enough time for school, music, and work. After two years in New York, he quit his job to make more time for school and music. With no job DASH was forced out of his apartment and onto the streets, but he was determined to make it and stayed on friend’s couches and in the streets to pursue his dream. Music is the language that allows DASH to tell his story, to inspire others to exceed limitations, overcome the obstacles thrown at them and live their life to the fullest! Through his music, DASH gives Love. DASH gives Hope. DASH gives LIFE! Book Dash for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. Dash Booking, Book Dash. Book artists like Dash, Dash booking agent, contact Dash email, Dash manager, Dash management for concerts, bookings, biography, pictures, videos. Dash may be available for your club shows, private party, festivals or other events.