Roscoe Dash Biography

Jay Johnson (aka Roscoe Dash) was born on April 02, 1990 in the state of Atlanta, GA. Jay was raised and grew up in Capital Homes where he developed a love for rap music by being around his older brother Erik “Undisputed” Armstead. . Like any younger brother Jay latched onto his older brother and started listening to all of his favorite rap artists such as: Outkast, Jay Z, Cash Money, T.I., and Ludacris. This inspired Jay to try and immolate his role models. Every day ATL would go and steal his brother’s tape deck, cd player and mic and try his hardest to make music. As Jay Johnson grew older and improved his craft he began networking at school meeting new people who shared the same passion for rap music as he did. During this process he met and bonded with still very close friend Antuan “Hoven the Great” Major. The two began making names for themselves around Sweetwater Middle School battle rapping everybody who thought had stood a chance. Jay and Antuan began entering talent shows and performing at pep rallies. Then the two came up with a brilliant idea to form a group called…”Black Out Boiz aka B.O.B.” The group consisted of four indiviuduals, ATL, Hoven The Great, Da General and Bad Newz aka J.Wynter. B.O.B became a local sensation when the group did a collab mixtape with Certified Geez entitled “Tha Recognition.”in the fall of 2006. Afterwards the fans were constantly asking Jay, “When are you going to drop a solo mixtape?” So, Jay immediately began working on “My Turn”. When “My Turn” was released in January 2007 people started noticing what Jay was made of. with Hit Singles such as “Hollowz” ft.Da General, Izzy, and Di Di, “U Cant Get Like Me”, “Runnin Back” ft. Bad Newz and Hoven and “2 Cool” ft. Bad Newz and Hoven expanded his fan base. “It’s My Time to Shine” said Jay. As of now year 2009 Jay has been with groups such as Get Money Entertainment, Swagged Up Entertainment and also So Arrogant.. In 2008 Jay dropped a mixtape titled “Gettin 2 Da Money”. “Gettin 2 Da Money” featured many different artists such as, Tony Montana, Izzy, Calio, Hoven The Great and others as well. The mixtape was comprised of many hit singles like “Gettin 2 da Money”, “So Arrogant”, “Hurt” and many more. The people’s reaction to the mixtape was unbelievable! "Gettin 2 Da Money" mixtape was professionally pressed up and given away for free. Jay now has a whole lot of fans and friends who are waiting to hear more from him. Jay said “the year of 2008 was wonderful but its time to look ahead. Wait till you see how the crowd reacts when I turn diz thang up".......”ALL DA WAY TURNT UP” was an instant smash hit featuring Travis Porter. But Jay felt liike he was being put into da shadows of the song because everybody thought it was Travis Porter’s song and not Jay's. Jay decided to change the name and do what he had to do to make sure people knew da truth...."Roscoe Dash datz it" he said "Itz catchy and it stands out" The next step was handling business with the song "How can I make it understood that this is my song"? Soulja Boy Tellem! Now Roscoe has an international smash record on his hand "wait till you see what I got in store after this with Ke on the Track, MMI/Music line/ Def Jam behind me, we cant go wrong". Book Roscoe Dash for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. Roscoe Dash Booking, Book Roscoe Dash. Book artists like Roscoe Dash, Roscoe Dash booking agent, contact Roscoe Dash email, Roscoe Dash manager, Roscoe Dash management for concerts, bookings, biography, pictures, videos. Roscoe Dash may be available for your club shows, private party, festivals or other events.