Shop Boyz Biography

Almost everybody in hip-hop culture puts the ring tone "Party Like a Rockstar" on his or her mobile phone and as a result, the song gradually sliced its Hot RingMasters Chart number thinner until reaching the ultimate position. Not only stopping there, the song also tried to breakthrough Billboard's Hot 100 chart and successfully garnered attention after soaring from #51 to #2. And thus people start questioning who the artists intellectually behind this song are. Surprisingly the answer points to previously unknown three men who join forces in a group called Shop Boyz. Still in their debut, the 'boyz' already marked their territory in music industry with a song that will soon become hip-hop's most memorable smashing single. And while waiting for the release of the whole package "Rockstar Mentality" on June 19, 2007, the lots set sail a remix of "Party Like a Rockstar" featuring collaboration from Lil Wayne, Jim Jones and Chamillionaire. Seemingly reaping an overnight fame, Shop Boyz emerged in music scene after struggling to serve their ego while earning money for life. Demetrius "Meanie" Hardin and Richard "Fat" Stephens are cousins who grew up together in Atlanta, Georgia and happened to meet Rasheed "Sheed" Hightower at one point. Together they were exposed to a thick hip-hop influence in the notorious Bankhead area and started to grow passion on it. Slowly they began making music of their own by experimenting with various instruments but life was spinning and the three had to work as auto mechanics. So, after dealing with bolts, machine, and tires they wiped the grease and returned to making music. One particular difference that they do with their music is the hefty use of guitar sound which eventually lead to the term "Hood Rock". Unlike most hip-hop songs in those days that use a lot of technology mixing, the Boyz' style preferred to combine rock instrument with classic hip-hop vibe. The unique sound helped to spread the word which eventually landed in producer Richard "Fire" Harris' ears. The local producer immediately saw a potential and offered to supply beats for free. Eventually the group was introduced to Brian "Bingo" Ward who was more than happy to provide the studio and engineer the recording. Many songs were baked in the studio including the single "Party Like a Rock Star" that would one day raise them to limelight. Some of the songs were released in radio outlets and clubs and rapidly caused a hullabaloo across the country. It was probably due to the blend of some music genre that the song's fans were ranging from children, usual hip-hoppers to punk rockers. "Rock stars party freely," said Sheed. "They don't hold back. That's the way we like to party." It wasn't long that the song was played by local DJ T-Rock and became a phenomenon. Ondeck Records soon signed a deal with the group and released their debut CD "Rockstar Mentality" in 2007. For one thing, their songs speak for themselves and avoid the mainstream. If most hip-hopers use outspoken language and discuss heavy length, Shop Boyz' materials are all about fun beats and positive issues. "It's a lot of energy," says Meany. "I think people are gonna like it because you gotta dance to it. It's another movement." That movement was indeed the right choice to catapult stardom. The recipe? Being different. Book Shop Boyz for shows and concerts at Heavy Rotation booking agency. Worldwide Bookings with HR Booking. Shop Boyz Booking, Book Shop Boyz. Book artists like Shop Boyz, Shop Boyz booking agent, contact Shop Boyz email, Shop Boyz manager, Shop Boyz management for concerts, bookings, biography, pictures, videos. Shop Boyz may be available for your club shows, private party, festivals or other events.